Manic Monday was so manic is flew back and retrieved Thursday for a cocktail with next Wednesday.
Hello Tuesday, so nice to see you.

I am itchy and require lotion.

I find that there are days I edit more curse words out than other days and wonder if there is a correlation with me appearing deceptive/secretive (I appear deceptive/secretive). Maybe they are my conspiracy days and you should not trust anything I say (not that you should any other day, sorry, I am trying, these things take awhile I am told). Count the curse words. Minimal (you'll see). This is training for your eventual job screening films for the MPAA, lighten up, I haven't even begun with the puzzles. I think your hair looks nice. Buy chalk.

My chest has been hurting since Sunday morning. I am pretty sure it isn't a heart attack but just in case - it has always been... interesting. Thank you for the entertainment, world. Seriously.

Peeps > Girl Scout Cookies

Tuesday Afternoon should be a part of everyone's listening experience today.

Paranoia sucks unless you have lollipops.

I didn't think I needed to point out that in addition to not kicking penguins, dont go fucking any either. Just so we have that covered.

Walkabouts should not be done prior to college or in a wheelchair. Breeding and TV have taught me these two things.

Sneezing cleanses your soul. Practice.

I smell fire all the time and when I do, I always assume it is one I have set on accident or through negligence. This will never happen. On the drive home yesterday, I saw smoke and figured I had left the stove on after all, even though I checked twice before leaving for work and traveled back home to check again after coming to the conclusion the times I was remembering that I checked the stove happened the other morning not thirty minutes prior, therefore leaving the possibility wide open, I had set everything ablaze, it's all my fault, I drown in embarrassment.
Fire might also be why I don't keep anything I don't have to. Less kindling.

Wine, wine, wine, you are required in very large amounts after nine.
AM, but I'll wait. I have the time.

Kid ink-to-skin scrawling has reached new geek levels. I am... stupidly impressed with my child and her peers. Written on her hand was an equation for an imaginary number followed by 2 to the 3rd power then the symbol for SUM and the symbol for Pi.
If anyone would like a sharpie tear scrawled on their cheek, let me know. I have lower standards for amusement.


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