Quote by a Sea World Orlando visitor in the Washington Post:
"The question is should we have whales in captivity? These are wild animals," DeVore said, adding, "But my daughter loves those dolphins."
Grossly Inflated Sarcasm:
I am really bummed about child labor, I mean, they are children, but my kids just loves wearing Nike.
When will they stop packaging things excessively? I know there is a landfill problem but I really love ordering Chinese take out and buying medication in little plastic bottles.
Its a shame those people in Africa are enslaved in mines, but damn does my wife really love getting diamonds.
Is it right to be involved in a war based on known lies? There are innocent people dying every day and many more scarred for life, but we do enjoy riding around in our gas guzzling SUV.
Should we be bottling water from rivers in South Florida? It is in short supply and the aquifer is starved but when I work out its great to have it with me and SO convenient!

The more I see, hear, learn, the more I want to drink.

Absolutely unrelated to the previous thought:
I am thinking of applying for this incredible opportunity.
Antarctic Artists & Writers Program — Past Participants
Sunset at the station (photo)

Epically unrelated to anything at fuck all:
When battling the decepticons, one must always remember to transform first. NOT after the initial blood curdling blow, resulting in a crushed spine and pelvis. Also: Never transform into a flower. There really is no use for those things during battle.

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