Rocky and Bullwinkle fan

How one idiot can set in motion standards that defy logic for everyone else.
Common sense used to be free of charge, now its an undergraduate course.
Your kid should be used for lunchmeat.

Why are children protected like they are stuffed with cherub down and bedazzled with diamonds. If one has not learned by the 6th grade to avoid large metal objects (traveling at 20mph), one does not deserves to graduate into 7th.
Why do middle school children need crossing guards at intersections inside of neighborhoods that have walk/dont walk signals? Are these people paid to guide kids across the street because I would rather my tax dollars went to something other than protecting the retarded. By high school we have all invested enough in their education to justify, but honestly, evolution should be allowed to weed out unnecessary outliers naturally.
I live less than a mile from a Middle School. The neighborhood's posted speed limit is 35mph. There are sidewalks on both sides of every street. There are two school zones, monitored by 3 cops each, 2-4 random days out of the week, in which you must go 20mph. There are two crossing guards on my drive to the school: one at an intersection that has a working traffic light and another right in front of the school (where there is the school's liaison officer - can he not do this job, every morning he does nothing but talk to the principal, who also stands to watch this intersection - 3 people 1 job), which has 4 stop signs and relies on people remembering the rules of the road when the crossing guard isn't there (oh my fucking gawd what will we do!).
Ok. Crazy excessive. I am almost surprised I do not see guard rails to keep children on the sidewalks and out of control neighborhood traffic (those crazy soccer moms) on the road.

I am going to propose this at the municipalities next council meeting.

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