Industry Sponsored Haiku Happiness

Never switch mid way.
Mmm, Cabernet Sauvignon.
White wine blows big chunks.
(brought to you by Headache, Inc.)

Don't judge us you tart.
We wrap ourselves in gray smoke
and lick the sheets too.
(brought to you from another dimension known as Ba-Gawk)

Glory holes be damned.
Fairy dust; your gaze, captured.
Check out my pimp wand.
(brought to you by Sleep Thinking Insanity)

Glenda is unhinged.
I wear drag motherfuckers.
Camel wide, unlit.
(brought to by the Stellar BH Before 10 am Oatmeal Brain Quote Machine)

Apostrophe lick.
Fuck me hard, Semicolon.
Quick. Periods here.
(brought to you by a Literary Time on the Month)

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