touring the facility and picking up slack

Analogue Thursday was kickass. The house decided unanimously to do away with electronics one day a week. No cell phones, no computers, no TV, and the only music that gets played is on vinyl. We talked. We laughed. We played lots of games. We tossed the kitten back and forth in jai alai cestas.
Maybe we could use candles for our main source of light next time. The Mad Hatter can rub sticks together and build a fire while this bunny churns the butter; byproducts hunting/foraging for food and later on crafting things like shoes and clothing while we drum up beats on stretched cat skin.
Let's not get carried away, coffee fueled mania, it's not sundown yet, people can still SEE you.

Vinyl has ruled the roost since the purchase of a turntable last weekend. I have always been in love with records. Music does not sound the same digitally - it looses it's thickness. Also, you cannot play a CD backwards and hear messages from Satan. Some of us need to communicate with the mothership more often than others. Don't hate because I hear the voices; if you are being ignored, thats really not my fucking problem.

My real problem: Departing New York, destination Florida, by the way of Japan. With a kangaroo.

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