After School Special: Cursing

Kid B: [kid speak kid speak school friend name kid speak kid speak] shit [kid speak friend name kid speak]
Me: You know, you sound more eloquent when you manage to replace cursing with words that mean the same thing. You are intelligent. Work on choosing better words, will you? You are going to slip up in the wrong place and I am going to laugh when you get in trouble. It's going to be funny even though I will be mildly embarrassed because it is a reflection on my parenting. Man. Don't make me look bad. Just because I don't yell at you or freak out for cursing doesn't mean every environment is like that, remember that. You can't curse at Grandma's, or anyone else's house, in fact what am I thinking, don't curse at all anywhere, nowhere outside of the yard, no, the house and if no one else is here then thats fine but not a lot. I tell you things like there are no bad words, because there aren't, I mean, come on, how can a word be bad; there are just BETTER words we can use always; this is not license to fly off at the mouth.
* random cat runs right in the front of the car *
* brakes applied - disaster averted *

Me: An appropriate and legitimate use of the word Fuck.
Kid B: I absolutely agree.

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