Bruised Fruit: Word for the day - Strumpet
Sad Tomato: i dont like your word today.
Sad Tomato: i am not using it.
Bruised Fruit: STRUMPET!
Sad Tomato: not so sure.
Bruised Fruit: I think you've come to the wrong astrumption here.
Sad Tomato: you have strumpthing on your shirt.
Bruised Fruit: Construmption strumption... what's your function?
Sad Tomato: suck ing off dicks and spread ing her pes
Bruised Fruit: Constumption strumption... what's your function?!?!?
Sad Tomato: i got three favorite holes that get most of the jobs done
Bruised Fruit: Work ing for pimps in fish net stockings!
Sad Tomato: mine was not good enough?
Bruised Fruit: It was.
Bruised Fruit: I was adding lyrics.
Bruised Fruit: But yours should be shortened to keep the struc ture to
Bruised Fruit: I got three holes that get the JOB done.
Bruised Fruit: Emphasis on job.
Sad Tomato: no.
Sad Tomato: not for the second verse, which i assumed you fucked up, cause its HOW'S that function.
Bruised Fruit: Ah yes. Agreed.
Bruised Fruit: STRUMPET! Away with ye!
Sad Tomato: you'll need a coathanger for that.

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