mice love chewing bubblegum inside circus tents

Supervision isn't a necessity, but it helps maintain the balance.
Like this clown I am going to catapult into the ceiling tiles when I stomp on this here beam, because thats how its done.
You bounce on the beam and the other clown goes into the ceiling tiles.
Circus Circus.

You bite through the big wall, the big wall bites back
You just sit there and sulk, sit there and bawl
You are so pretty when you're on your knees
Disinfected, eager to please

There are bad people in the world. Clothed in wool, carrying purses of fools gold. The worst don't even know it. They best, cut so quickly you'll never even feel the blade. You'll bleed out slowly, while they dance around a ring of fire blessing the soil about to be tilled in your honor.

Never turn your back on a wolf. No matter how many times they lie in front of your fireplace enjoying the warmth. No matter how many times they have taken food from your hand.
A wild dog is always wild. They just look and act like pleasant dogs. They follow the rules convenient to them at the moment and their rational will never be understood once they snap. And they always snap, its a time thing. Balance the sand dial back and forth, artfully keeping it from ever running out, didn't matter any way, now you are missing a limb, and damn you look stupid with one arm.

I once turned my back on a wolf only to find my intestines lying on the scalding hot sidewalk.
Can't call animal control for that; one can only get a Louisville Slugger and hope you get a chance at bat. But you won't (even veterans forget, never feel bad).
Or you could just grab a lollipop. A lollipop puts it all in perspective. Unless you are the type to crack it open immediately with your teeth and crunch it into nothing like it was never meant to be sucked on slowly while contemplating the finer workings of the universe.
Heathen. Sinner.
For shame.
Get in it.

Sometimes you sulk, sometimes you burn
God rest your soul
When the loving comes and we've already gone
Just like your dad, you'll never change

The huge red signs missed, the old stone barricades avoided, the barbed wire ignored, sure, why not, let's go ahead and proceed to the center of this burnt up abandoned complex.
Go for it, lamby.
For you are the Lamb of Steel (!), I saw your red hot blazing triangle chest piece and cape.
Finely tailored. Lined. Smashing.
Drink from the fountain, lamby.
It's cool and clear.
Oh yes, lamby, the apples are delicious.
We can spin some wool and knit a scarf, lamby.
Hold still.
I hear rustling.
Shhh. SHHH.

Oh, lamby.
Silly, lamby.

There are good people in this world.
There are good people in that world.
There are good people.
They have worlds.
Your name might be on the list, if your application made it through processing and the Department has allocated funds towards your research.

"Wha-da-ya got?"
A stick, less than a dollar in change, some purple string, a small, white, plastic duck figurine, and two tickets to the fair.
"What do YOU got?"
Four bottles of beer on the wall and some cracked eggshells.

Flip a coin, it's January.
Four more days until Thursday.
Come home soon hunny, before I start hoarding cats.

Each time it comes it eats me alive
I try to behave but it eats me alive
So I declare a holiday
Fall asleep, drift away


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