a few.

Jerk Move 572.
Lying down on the couch watching TV, with my legs in my husbands lap as he rubs my feet. I mistake my black toenail polish for a bug and scissor kick violently, knocking him in the face with one foot and balls with the other.
Way to go, no more foot rubs for you.

Jerk Move 38.
Coming out of Home Depot, wheeling on one of those long cart things a very large box containing an outdoor fireplace and right on top, a very small bag containing something very small. Walking through the parking lot, the wind begins to blow and my husband says, "Quick, grab the bag!", so I do, of course, then proceed with continued momentum, to wing it as hard as I can, through the air so it lands several yards away.
Me = Cackle.
Husband = Frowny Face.

Jerk Move 411.
Refuse to acknowledge anyone who does not address me directly by shouting through a used paper towel roll. For over two hours.

Jerk Move 68.
At a sushi restaurant, prawn head decorating the plate, and no one intends to eat it. After finishing meal, I repeat, "Eat the Head" until my husband indeed, eats the head and almost pukes all over the table as a result of combination nasty taste and disturbing "crunch" sound.
Take photos.
Repeat chant every time we eat sushi that includes a head.

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