lalala, today, I didn't curse.

I am looking forward one day (that day being closer to the current day than to any other day) to getting more involved in the surrounding art community to increase the amount of things I have to complain about while wondering 'Seriously, people?' inside my head more than I currently do, which is roughly 98.4% of the time anyway.
Reminds me of The Judgmental's first album 'Jackson Pollock Snake Holding Tent Revival'.


I really, really like this one song by Nickelback, but every time I listen to it, I am reminded of that horrible moment long ago (during a personal period I like to refer to as the Dark Ages) when I realized what the band looked like via a music video at the end of the Spiderman DVD is that guys shirt really unbuttoned and blowing in the wind MY EYES!!!!.
There is violent inner turmoil when I try and play it, the black nail polish wearing nihilist holding a knife to the bouncy cheerleader slut's neck screaming, "I'll do it, don't you dare hit PLAY, I'll do it man".
Sniff. Cry.

(guitar solo)

I have decided that I like U2 just a little bit more since recently discovering a song called Trash, Trampoline And The Party Girl.
It kinda reminds me of the other night (which, by the way WAS the other night, many people close to me using this phrase to describe both things occurring a few days ago and more than 5 years ago, somehow thinking that is gonna fly), perusing Netflix and finding a movie that contained actors: Val Kilmer, Sharon Stone, and 50 Cent. Give me the gold and the lucky charms, Leprechaun. Husbandzilla and I peed our pants and then immediately started watching the straight to video masterpiece, Streets of Blood. There was no question, we had to see what kind of train wreck this was and conclusion: Total. Death count well over 100,000 and counting. Steer clear and take your antibiotics. In fact, it reminds me nothing of my recent U2 song discovery, I take that back; careless segue.

(final drum kick)

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