don't poke the dinosaur

Head: Labrodaur.
Tail: dog dinosaur.
Tail: incisors the size of my dick.
Tail: if i had a dick.
Head: Labrodaurus Rex.
Tail: that shit would be huge. like, at least 10 (soft).
Head: Sweet... the size of a baby's arm. You know how I like eeeet!
Tail: hell yea, straight in the eye socket, last i checked.
Tail: poke. poke. poke.
Tail: i am knocking on your skull door.
Tail: let me in.
Head: Not before wrecking mah pink puckered star fruit with that ginormous throbbing member.... I want it to be the dirty sanchez of skull fucks.
Tail: i would require lube any way.
Tail: good call.
Tail: gold star.
Head: TY.
Tail: YW.

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