mmhyeah (no)

Chloride: You know that song "Shine" where the dude keeps saying "mmhyeaah" after the guitar part?
Sodium: i know what you are talking about.
Chloride: It's like (guitar) "bahnanananananananana!" then he goes "mmhyeaah!" then (guitar) "buanananananananaan" then he goes "mmhyeaah"
Chloride: like 4 times... then some more song... then he does it some more.
Chloride: know which one I am talking about.
Sodium: yes.
Sodium: i know.
Chloride: Well, what's he talking about?
Chloride: Does he like the guitar part?
Sodium: mmmhyeah.
Chloride: So when the guitarist is all like, "bahnananananananana!" he feels compelled to voice his approval?
Chloride: Cause it has nothing to do with the rest of the song.
Sodium: wtf the fuck of it. if you eat good pie you make noises of approval.
Sodium: technically, the noise of approval DOES have something to do with the song, just like the noise has something to do with the pie.
Chloride: But then at the end he appears to lose interest. Cause the last 4 times the guitarist does it at the end of the song he wont go mmhyeah anymore.
Sodium: the initial approval wore off and he began to contemplate his actual feelings concerning. obviously in this case, he had a change of heart. it happens.
Chloride: Maybe that''s why the song ends... cause the guitarist could tell he wasn't being appreciated by the lead singer anymore.
Sodium: i bet they broke up after that.
Chloride: No. They went around making this statement on tour...
Chloride: Approval of the guitar riff through several measures followed by obvious disapproval at the end.
Sodium: maybe after playing it so much on tour, the guitarist developed a complex, all the back and forth, must have been maddening.
Sodium: then they broke up.
Chloride: He sure must've liked to go "bahnanananananana" a great deal. I bet he still does it when nobody's looking.
Sodium: jerk.
Sodium: i bet it pisses people off.

Sodium: this story is sad.
Sodium: fuck you.

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