assuming boy meet angry girl with stick

A freelance client of mine is at his factory in China this week. When I contacted him tonight to approve a few things, I commented that I would love to be where he is, to which he replied, I seriously doubt that.
So funny. So typical. Why do men see girl/woman and immediately assume prissy? It kinda pisses me off; has routinely made me learn more things out of spite for the preconceived notions based on packaging between my legs.
I'll hang your drywall, fix your toilet, weld your door, change your brakes, shingle your house and play quarterback, fuck off.
I am not deluded. I don't think this guy is hanging out in some five star hotel doing business with men in $5,000.00 suits over equally overpriced cocktails. He is deep in the dregs of society, fine tuning the working class machine that powers the lights illuminating porcelain faces being photographed for travel magazines.
I like dirt. I like grime. I like industrial warehouses with no air conditioning. I like downtown alleys (my 30th birthday party was hosted in one) that smell of urine. I'm a weird girl. Experience, its all one grand experience; if I haven't been there, I want to go, if I haven't done it, most likely its gonna make the list of tomorrows so I can.
If I am staying in a hotel, I expect my room to be OCD pristine. When I eat at an expensive restaurant, napkins should be folded properly and when I ask for extra lemon for my iced tea, you bring it in a small bowl. But if I am hiking in the mountains, seriously, I don't expect the local wildlife to point me in the direction of the restrooms when I have to pee. Hug a tree, dig a hole, make noise when you walk and whatever you do, never sleep any where near your food supply.

When I was just out of high school, on my own, I lived for a time in my grandmothers gutted house. The only room that was finished was the kitchen, which didn't mean shit to me because I only had enough money for one meal a day, which consisted of rice usually. I could have cooked that over an open fire in the carport if I had to. My bed was a lawn chair, until I found a used piece of foam I could lay on the torn up floor. I showered in an old stained bathtub, that had to have boiling water from the stove added, just to make it warm enough in the winter. No TV but that was cool because electricity was awesome after spending the previous month in an abandoned apartment with none.
At any point I could have marched back home to live with my parents, or stayed with friends. I didn't. I was on my own and that was enough for me.
Every night in the abandoned apartment, my roommate Randy and I painted by candlelight on the floor (we had no furniture at all) listening to cassettes on his portable radio, whose batteries would occasionally have to be replaced cutting deep into out collective bread and water diet. We danced, sang and enjoyed each others company. The memories I have of that back room and that glorious piece of foam imparted to me by the gods... is still hilarious. I'd be the giggliest homeless person you'd ever meet and want to call the authorities about. I will always find a way, no matter what the circumstances and will do so with a smile, because you never truly know what the next day holds. Be happy, right now, with what you have, always. Life can always get worse. It's the rule of a chaotic universe.

Don't get me wrong. I absolutely love Hilton and their little bottles of Neutrogena hand soap. I can appreciate a mint on my white, fluffy pillow. But somewhere in there also lies a fascination with ramshackle structures made of mud and sticks, in a village with ditches for waste. I hiked 18 miles into the mountains in Alaska for the weekend, with a 40lb rucksack on my back, to sleep on moss covered rocks in the middle of nowhere, just to have done so (and what an amazing adventure). If you tell me how to prepare and what to expect, I can get close as possible to physical and mental readiness. I don't need an inaccurate depiction of reality just a proper guide, who has been there before.
So if you are talking about visiting the jungle to see ancient ruins, a remote beach to surf, or sailing in arctic waters, you can bet your ass I am going to want to tag along. Stop rolling your eyes and brushing me off. I probably cook better over an open fire than you do any way hotdog kings, so stop hogging all the fun to yourselves.


  1. My sister! Your thoughts, expressions, and experiences should be a doctrine of sorts to the young girls and women of the world. To not trap themselves into the narrow twisted standard societal pressures. Be feminine, be real, be independant, know your power, and be free. I too have had similiar experiences and can say that there is sooo much more to learn, so stay focused, and keep blogging! thanx.