Camelot is such a silly place.

I kinda wish all my Chai Tea brought the boys to the yard because milkshakes aren't really my thing.
I wonder where my coffee brings the boys; I haven't run into them yet and I am beginning to worry they might be wandering around confused somewhere.

Things I will miss about working in the shop:
Being able to loofah my lips with vinyl.
Mike and Ike OCD sorting time.
Being barefoot.
Playing loud music.
Getting contact high when people paint inside the building.
Political debates with David.
Wearing clothes with rips, stains, covered in dried paint, that don't match and not caring.
Playing with new power tools.
Shop respect.
Being able to yell across the building.
Goofing off with a sweaty Shawn who lets me use his super cool welding mask.

Do the boys go to the front yard or the back yard because there are no real specifics in reference to exact location.
I hope they do not use Mapquest either as they might end up in my neighbors yard and I would hate to have someone upset at me for that kind of mistake.

Things I will NOT miss about working in the shop:
The water cooler being near the bathroom.
Talking about.... sunshine. And junkies.
Headache from the contact high when people paint inside the building.
The smell of acrylic burning.
The mind numbingly loud machines.
Paranoia about spiders.
Thinking at any moment a rat will nibble at my toes.
Meat Locker temperatures.
Parking under sappy trees.
Cleaning my carpet with the anthrax vacuum.

Am I required to have punch and pie for the boys or is someone providing refreshments?
After arriving, can we move the boys to the living room or at least the porch? I am concerned there is not adequate seating in the yard.

Things I am looking forward to:
Being busy.
Using my brain.
Playing new music for my coworkers and singing funk/soul/R&B again with Gary.
Lightening the mood.
Having a bathroom that doesn't make me feel like puking when using it.
Coffee pot access: AMEN.
Clean air ducts.
A better chair to sit in.
Not having to walk across the street every time I have a design question.

I do not think I will be bringing any boys to the yard, on second thought.
The grass is not doing so well and what remains will probably just get trampled.
Boys are generally rough like that.

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