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In case you haven’t read the news this morning, here is a quick vague headline recap of the world: Death, civil war, bombing, murder, starvation, execution, death, rape, radicalism, violence, sadness, badness, death OH and more death.
Welcome to Friday, my lovelies.
Do everyone a favor and if you have had the supreme privilege of logging onto your computer or having a cup of coffee this morning, say a small prayer of thanks to the Universe. You could have woken up to bullets, blasts and bombs.

This weekend, my Top Ten Don’t Forget To:
1. Close your mind to the views and opinions of others.
2. Fear leaving your comfy little box.
3. Complain about something inane.
4. Prioritize backwards.
5. Blindly follow the Flavor of the Month sheep (or lemmings).
6. Deny reality: gas-up the car, buy a condo or go shopping at the dollar store.
7. Impose your belief system on others.
8. Get angry at something you cannot control (traffic, waiting in line).
9. Misinterpret or assume without clarification.
10. Kick a small dog or old woman down some stairs (might as well).

Then again, maybe you could just remember to give someone a hug, kiss, smile or a little bit of your time. Why not make it a point to spread love and understanding to as many people you can this weekend. It’s actually, far easier. Maybe it will catch on and spread. Perhaps then one day I can report the major news headlines as Peace, Love, Happiness, Discovery, and Success.

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