Down Low Dining Event, Molecular Gastronomy FTW!

I attended a Molecular Gastronomy event last night, yes, IN Orlando (*gasp*) that was beyond fucking amazing. If you do not know what molecular gastronomy is, then read up foodies. In short it's a mixture of food and science. Liquid nitrogen, enzymes, dehydration, reconstitution, deconstruction. Seriously, if you threw a few math equations in there (math = measurements + time + heat + ratios) my vagina just might explode.
Oops. Neveryoumindthemess.

I first saw this type of cooking on Top Chef. Then SyFy ran 6 episodes of Marcel's Quantum Kitchen (taped them all), which was a little cooking, a little science lesson and a little reality melodrama; 2 outta 3 ain't bad, quote-th the Meat Loaf. That was it for me. I had to have it at all costs. I began thinking of where we would need to travel to get to this type of restaurant - not every chef has this knowledge or this creativity and sure as shit, I would have never guessed in a million years, Vapid Plastic Orlando would have been one of them.
I stand, absolutely corrected.
O-town 1, Jules 0 (j/k my score is like 607,362.4, fools).

At first we felt a bit out of a place. When I made the reservations, we had not imagined it would take place with less than 20 people, seated together at a long table, where we mixed and mingled for over an hour with strangers before dining. Lots of wine. There was lots of wine.
But it made the experience all the more intimate. Uncomfortable turned into ease and ease turned into laughter. I met some interesting people I can not wait to see at next months event, which will feature South American cuisine. I was amused by Michael, White Wolf Cafe's owner (where the event was held), who I did not nearly get enough time to chat with. And then there was/is Chef Jason. We were able to walk into his kitchen and listen to explanations of processes and view preparation of elements we were to consume later. He had just enough information to tantalize the less knowledgeable, and an overabundance of terminology for the more researched. How.fing.cool.
Not to mention, he is also, a really nice guy.
(Or a serial killer in Chef Disguise, come on, I can't go all in even with Four Aces)

I am by no means a culinary expert. But I do like to eat, I tend to eat out a lot, I like to try new restaurants (as much as possible, Hubby rates restaurants on Beer Tap diversity rather than food quality, so sometimes I am straight up munching some chicken fingers - gah) and I can tell you where to get a few of the best dishes in town; one of those being the Filet Minion at White Wolf Cafe where Jason is the Chef and how we heard about the Down Low Dining event (another great place would be St. Andrews for the chicken fingers). Or well, I can at least tell you my favorites. There really is no way for someone to explain these dishes. I mean, I could try but you wouldn't get it, because you cannot smell or feel textures through words and all senses are required. To do so would be tainting art. I have snagged a few photos, however, of the Amuse, the Appetizer, our Salad and Main Course. They are here, for your viewing pleasure courtesy of photographer Jessica Feran.

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  1. Julie,

    Your words are to kind. Thank you very much and we can not wait to have you again at our next event. The pictures are amazing!