Billy Present's Jugular, Marijuana addiction implicated: Now on Breaking Fing News.

I gave up on my Facebook stalking experiment. Bummer, sorta. Like anyone expected I would finish this, please. So new to the game are you.
Data compiling, statistics and demographics on game app players, that was my plan, to catch non readers up. Or, maybe I failed to mention what I have been doing for the last few months, on the sly. Regardless. I haven't been on the site in over 2 weeks, since my G+ invite. Posting from my blog yes, but interacting, researching, not so much. It's kinda nice to give up on the manic task and not having to worry about saying FUCK and my mothers christian neighbor seeing it, running the report over, so she can call asking me who I am and crying again because I have tattoos and hate religion.
She still hasn't gotten it, her image will always be this vision of me wrapped in a sundresses, handing out daisies and singing early Beatles songs (I will always sing Beatles songs).
Well, thats what you get for doing acid and coke while preggers kiddies: a starving medicated artist, running through life with a pair of scissors in her hand and a toothbrush in her mouth. [Cue: After school special NOW.]

Several months of creeping with my other Facebook identity, here is my basic summary: Vampire/Mafia Wars players are detached folk. I suppose this sort of thing happens a lot to those frequently online, the tease of being whomever they see themselves to be very alluring; a large majority never posting real pictures of themselves or going by real names either. I do not implicate everyone in this, however there was a significant amount of these players that believed they were Vampires, dressed like them, discussed drinking blood as though this was common practice among friends during dinner.
Maybe it's just been awhile that I have socialized in these circles. Maybe the shit is on the menu at Sizzler, fuck, what do I know. If the television (late ex: True Blood) made a cool show about zebra striped donkeys playing in fields, everyone would want to be a prancing zebra striped donkey (then I wouldn't have to travel to head chopping Mexico in order to get my picture taken with one, damn it you bastards). Instead, we have Mob Wives, I Have Too Much Money and Time on My Hands Wives and Billy the Exterminator who wears spikes on his T-Shirt (I have never understood his need to bedazzle the attire, frankly it scares the children).
So, in the next few years I can look forward to an overabundance of roach wasp killers/raccoon armadillo releasers, snobby orange tinted New Jersey (actually in Iowa) suburbanites with 25k credit card debt but eight breast implant surgeries under their belt, and way more hoarders. But I don't mind the hoarders, this return to bird like nesting is actually fascinating in a evolutionary sort of way. Fucking lay some eggs already, geez. I am still waiting for the show where they find the dead body buried in the muck. Gonna be awesome. Hurrah, hoarders, I need a t-shirt and a donation hotline for support. This is Amerika get it STAT, before three minutes go by and I forget everything you said, omfg do you see that, the latest piece of shit celebrity news (don't we have tabloids for this crap) is broadcasting as Priority Number One Headline CHARLIE SHEEN (or _______) JUST SAID SOMETHING WE NEED TO ANALYZE FOR THE NEXT 5 WEEKS on every station, please, someone, stab me in the eyes or gut me, I really do.not.understand.
Giving up, the life force... draining. I... loved... you... all (my 1%).
[Aside: Lay off the makeup tv people, I could carve my name in your cheeks]

I say combine some things here. I want a Mafia Wars surge complete with Reality TV fuck you in the eyes show. Let's bring back the suit/hat wearing, gun toting, cop bribing, gangsters (not gangsta) and let them loose on the populace; blurred identities of course, no need to get people all arrested and stuff, there are enough non-violent pot smokers law enforcement can wrangle up to handle the prison population/slave labor needs of private corporations rolling in the cash vault like little piglets. I think Mob Wives was the precursor to this anyway, and why not. We have been obsessed with the "glamour" of the Mafia for over three decades. Hell, I am all for anything that culls the herd, including the release of all the privately owned tigers in the states (my mantra for years). The plan is flawless, takes care of the jobless, homeless, debt and small business issues, it would be almost like legalizing pot, except for it has just about the same chance of actually happening.
Leave it up to lawmakers to fuck underage boys in the ass then scream from a pulpit about not letting gay people have rights.
The rich just get richer.
The poorer get distracted by Vampire Wars.

Fuck it.
Just call me Queen and present jugular.

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