Show and Tell

My computer has been in the shop for almost a week, back after both fans having been replaced. Seems I might use it a lot or something.
Today, I have little focus for creative writing. Or working. Or Chemical Warfare.


I got a new tattoo last weekend at the Tried and True Tattoo Convention. Maneki Neko. Luf, luf, luf. Upper left thigh, near my stars. One more next week (a bunny and bug with heart) and that's it for before summer. I miss the pool and sun. SUN!

My wedding plans have not changed in 2 weeks. You should be so proud.

Construction in the house has almost ended; daily "For the love of all things holy when is this fucking work going to be done" freak outs: ON THE RISE.

Sunday is my yearly Mothers Day Event with the cult (my mother's social sorority). Bring on the Mimosa's.

Three weeks of no smoking as of Tuesday and although I miss the sweet, sweet smoke filling my lungs, it's getting easier to remember in those moments of weakness why I decided to quit.

Working out is still hit and miss but I am confident the fiance and I will figure it out. Construction has had a ripple effect on everything. We are, at least, still trying.

Our move to eating healthier (no processed foods, buying bulk/local, organic and eco-consciously) has been fun. I bought several books on gardening (Good Bug Bad Bug, Vegetable Gardening in Florida and Carrots love Tomatoes) , we have researched several stores and have come up with a transitional game plan. We signed up for Orlando Organics and had our first produce delivery last week, which I was none too happy about, as most of the food came from Mexico - unacceptable - I would rather travel to Plant City to purchase local produce BUT we are going to go ahead and see what happens on our next delivery before canceling the account. My expectations are pretty low.

My palms, which have a simian line, have been a rather unusual daily focus since finding a Facebook group devoted to others with the same feature. Previously I have run into no one who has the line, so reading others thoughts and research on the matter has caught my attention. You know, until something shinier comes along.


Downtown Pour
Gonna, gonna, gonna, go.

Half Off Depot
Have been using it for a year now - events, restaurants and services.

The House of the Devil (2009)
New horror - 80's style.

Music Track.
Gold Panda
Pretty much you absolutely understand why.

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