Completely unrelated, non-life changing, self indulgent NEWS that is neither eco-friendly or worth more than two pence.

I have realized (no I haven't) there is not a moment that goes by that I am not totally bloody confused. Everything about people confuses me. Everything about life confuses me. Everything about interacting confuses me. Conversation confuses me. Disagreement confuses me. Disclosure confuses me. Intimacy confuses me. Silence confuses me. Overly sugary icing confuses me.
When they installed the update for me version 8.3 (or whatever expansion pack I am on now) it had to have been done during a lightning storm.

“Pardon, the power went out, but I swear that it said 96% loaded before the shut down, so we should be mostly good, right? Surely that's enough to run this skirt, proper."
Ooooooooh nooooooo.
I am missing a few .dll files and am trying to connect to the online resource for help using a dial-up modem at 6pm.
Shit. SHITE!

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