Coffee, today you are just NOT doing your job proper.

Today is my last tattoo day before summer; so excited I could pee my pants.
"You ain't cool unless you pee your pants."

Never let it be said that mania didn't work to ones benefit at certain points. I got so much accomplished yesterday, it was like I had a clone running around town whipping horses, sheering sheep and churning butter. Move over Billy Bob, I'm gonna land these planes while I finish the Chicago Tribune Crossword puzzle.
34 Down: Seven Letters: Garden Hose Golf Ball Retrieval Method

Who the fuck names a song Mayonnaise? Oh, right. Billy Corgan. Neveryoumind. Mayonnaise is the most awesome-ist name of a song ever created. Rock on.

It is strange how one comes to the conclusion that certain things must be abandoned. “Hi kittens that are a day old. I am not sure what to do with you, but something is telling me ‘trash can’ sounds like an awesome idea.”
It is also my understanding some people think its also OK to throw kittens out of their cars while on the highway, you low IQ fucks. That's a kitten. I need to point this out?
I hate people. I seriously just hate people. If you are people, I am sure I can find some reason to hate on you but come on, at least make it challenging for me. Kittens? Really?

Hope you weren’t expecting some brand of strawberry coated, cream filled, chocolate confectionary epiphany. I got nuthin’, carp.
Not even a fucking coconut-flavored jellybean.


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