fuck you, friday.

Things I say Fuck You to, on Friday.
Get it.
Fuck You:
1. BP, for being money grubbing, animal hating, environmental thrashing fucktards. PLUG THE FUCKING HOLES!
2. George W. Bush, who I will continue to blame everything on, pretty much, for the rest of my life, Fuck You Again and for the rest of time.
3. FOX News, for always getting it wrong, never bothering to think, employing racist, evangelical, narcissistic nationalists who shout Socialism while being total Fascists, [thousand other reasons I will need to dedicate an entire day to compiling], and for tainting the names of two things I love: Foxes. and News.
4. Sex and the City, for souring female identity into some halfwit fashion focused, man chasing, money hungry, boozing idiot sorority. Now with kid/nanny expansion pack.
5. Mexico. Stop kidnapping and chopping peoples heads off. Fuckin' hell it's creepy.
6. Our Government, for continuing the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan when the money could be used to fund education and healthcare.
7. The Senate, whose corporate dick sucking rivals Linda Lovelace.
8. Sarah Palin, for breathing my air.
9. Uganda, Iran, Israel, Jamaica, The United States, Pakistan, North Korea, Japan, China, FUCK IT - ALL OF YOU(!), for not trying harder to get along with each other!!!!
10. Texas, who is trying hard to rewrite history, ignore science, and I am sure next year somehow fuck up addition and subtraction because you might as well round it all out with Math (which is probably useless when you have god anyway).
11. The Food and Healthcare Industries, for charging people to be fixed after slowly poisoning the population with processed food stuff, pesticides, hormones, and deplorable meat raising/packing practices.
12. Flies. For just being flies.
13. And last but not least, Fuck You VW, for selling me a plastic toy car, thats disintegrating with only 52,000 miles on it.

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