12:00 PM
Ol' Skrawberry: Greetins Sprankles!
Sprankles: greetins!
Ol' Skrawberry: What are your orders?
Sprankles: to kill without prejudice.
Ol' Skrawberry: Can do.
Sprankles: i will need some supplies.
Ol' Skrawberry: K. Send me a list.
Sprankles: carrier pigeon?
Ol' Skrawberry: Damn straight.
Ol' Skrawberry: We're gonna have to make some radical changes.
Sprankles: radical ones? like with tie dye and frizzy hair?
Sprankles: i will prepare the parachute pants.
Ol' Skrawberry: As many zippers as possible.
Sprankles: check. check one. check two. check check.
Ol' Skrawberry: Is this thing on?
Sprankles: fucking engineers.
Sprankles: its like you can give them the schematics 400 times and they still plug into the microwave.
Sprankles: you are going to need to hire some better assistants.
Sprankles: shall we construct a craigslist ad?
Ol' Skrawberry: Marketing is more your forte than mine, and yes. Definitely.
Sprankles: i am on it, boss.
Ol' Skrawberry: Good. I am getting out my Texas shaped belt buckle as we speak.

12:21 PM
Sprankles: Copy: Texas Tycoon requires schematics to be read for proper insertion of microphone equipment. Schematics written in Mandarin.
Requirements: Four years relevant experience, ability to make varied lists with graphs, knowledge of proper peanut butter to jelly ratio, large belt buckle.
Reply with justification of further project involvement and list of readily available items to fit category: radical, immediately.
Payment negotiable.
Ol' Skrawberry: add "Serious inquiries only. Celery comensurate with experience."
Sprankles: posted.
Sprankles: http://orlando.craigslist.org/lbg/2196957456.html
Sprankles: t-minus 3 minutes to ban, sir.

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