Don't crab at me if I dont know your stupid internet acronyms and have to ask.


See? You are now mildly pissed at me for not having a clue about what I just wrote you.
Ask? Please. Cause that ever did any good before today. Not telling you anything, EAD.

I cannot maintain a non distracted state of being for more than 2 days. Just not happening. Every new day comes with a new set of little diamonds to stare glossy eyed at and more dead shit at the side of the road to poke with my big stick. How can I possibly get anything done? Thats where Hubby the Fantastical comes in. He is gonna be the Voice of Reason. He is going to be the Task Maker, the Appointment Setter, the Guider of Brain Spasms, the Director of Mania. ESQ.
My renewed role as Saboteur to All, has just been birthed new life; its more appealing to self destruct if I can blame it on someone else. Plus, you know, the self destruct game. Ever played it? So much fun. Games of all types rank high (which immediately brings to mind LENT.... 9th of March, set your calendars, girls and boys).

Never going to get anything done.

FTW means Fuck The World, BTW (By The Way).
Not, For The Win, JFC (Jesus Fucking Christ).

Looks like I am going to have get something done tonight, after all.
Procrastination has caused me to wander into 'has to be done overnight' (HTBDO) land, so I must crank out a logo, as the following email request illustrates:

Hi Bunny,

I just wanted to follow up with you and see how the new logos were coming. Please let me know if you need anything additional from us.
(Actual Translation: You fucking bitch. We are waiting. Still. Send us the goddamn logos or you are going to get the hose. Again. I don't even know why we bother using you as our graphic artist, you can't remember to put your shoes on your feet how are you even maintaining living quarters? Idiot. Do it tonight. Or I will stab you in the fucking face.)

Thank you,

Some Chick
Company, Inc.
204 Address
City, FL 00000 USA
PH: 407.666.0000
FX: 407.667.000

Fuck me.
Need an assistant.
Or a lion tamer.

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