Haiku's for Hubby

construction paper
crayons, glue stick, sarcasm
kiss my ass, hallmark

arrow to the chest
axe in the head, brains and heart
cannibal cupid

valentine blood bath
"get your machete. man up"
wont catch on so well

if you were to have
a heart attack on this day
double points to me?

"be my valentine"
candy hearts and chocolate
i just lost my lunch

"hunters shoot cupid,
holiday ends in cold blood"
film at eleven

Kiss me, I'm Irish!
let's go get me lucky charms
oops. wrong holiday

child labor, who cares
mine conditions, lol
get me diamonds

surprise! pearl necklace
good thing you wore the blue dress
no box for that gift

silicone love doll
fleshlight, KY, internet
forever alone

beef heart delivered
fresh, bloody, straight from the cow
popular gift? no.

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