peanut butter derails what is already derailed

LL: i have guns.
RDWL: I'm very happy for ya.
LL: no you aren't.
LL: you aren't happy for me at all.
LL: and that's where we are at.
LL: i have the guns.
LL: and you are pissed.
LL: cause you only have knives.
LL: so you cant go to the gun fight.
RDWL: /ignore
LL: /stab
LL: /shrugs
RDWL: /smacks gum
LL: /twirls hair around finger
LL: /throws a shoe
RDWL: /absentmindedly ducks, smacks gum
LL: /throws duck
RDWL: /keeps duck as pet, doesn't share
LL: /throws hungry rabid wolf
RDWL: /befriends wolf, cures rabies, covers nuts with peanut butter
LL: /pays for special delivery of peanut butter loving dog with genetically modified large satin textured tongue
LL: you'd fuck a dog for less money than it would cost to feed one of those fly buzzed descended belly children in Africa. sick. buy a cup of coffee, for fucks sake.

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