need. coffee.

My back is on fire after sitting through another inking session yesterday.
He''ll eat your face off.

Nobody likes a serious girl. Nobody likes a cutesy girl either.
I have come to this conclusion via top secret government funded research and analysis.
3.75 out of 4 people want snake girls.

I’ll settle for a cup of coffee, but you know what I really need
(toast with cyanide jam)

I watered a plastic plant this morning.
Gonna be a John Waters day.
A wig.

Every morning, I get my cup of coffee. Every afternoon, I get my cup of water. I do not rinse my cup out well in the afternoon, so its more like coffee water but serves its hydration purpose. I also never remember to drink all of the water; it just gets tossed into a potted plant the next morning when I stagger to the coffee pot to begin the daily cycle.
So as the construction workers beat back the sugar plum fairies dancing through my head this morning, revelation cometh.
Slowly I am making the all the real plants in my office addicted to caffeine. And even worse, on the weekend, they may be having withdrawals.

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