earl grey please.

Bar tending experience helps one in all workplace environments.
I can hip toss a salesman to the curb quicker than he can whip his dick out and mention limited time offer.
You Shall Not Pass.

My new favorite phrase is: I am going to knock your dick in the dirt. 
I don’t have a whole lot of chances to say this, so when I do, I am probably going to be so excited, I will end up screaming it in someone’s face, fingers pointed right at them (I am part Sicilian, we speak with our hands and tire irons). 
Maybe I should go pick a fight today.
“I said HOLD THE MAYO, fucker! I am going to knock your DICK in the DIRT!”


Looks like its subs for lunch.

I don't know what is with all my dick references lately.
Apologies (You: Gratitude).
Penis envy has apparently gotten me once again. By the balls.
It's all this tea-bagger nonsense. All day, every day, whenever someone says the name, all I can imagine are balls being dipped on peoples chins, foreheads, noses, cheeks. No explanation about how you can turn the economy around or your views on education will ever burn this out of my head, I go straight there, every time. Balls.
It's a good thing the lot of you tea-baggers aren't worth paying attention to any way.
Dip dip dip.
Balls on your chin.

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