Queen of Swords contemplates Three of Wands

I went home last night, read my tarot cards and then stared at the wall for awhile. Staring hasn't happened in quite some time. Its good. Staring, at walls. Glassy eyes, potential drool, random soft voice inquiring about the state of the leather bench at the foot of your bed.

Lately (the last 24 hours, maybe) I just haven't been in the mood. Not in the mood for bullshit. Not in the mood for responsibility. Not in the mood for wiping the counter off or making sure I eat.
Lately (the past week or two) I just haven't been in the mood for normal routine. I don't really want to watch the TV shows that I normally love; I try the news, that doesn't work either.
Shopping - no. Cooking - no. Reading - no.
We seem to be, at a stalemate.
I am confused.

Notoriously indecisive and too many sparkly diamonds.
I will figured it out.
Just not today.
I am cool with that for now.

Can't tell if its the mania that makes me incomprehensible or something else.
I'm just a quiet little pile of mess.
With new shoes.
I have new shoes.

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