the stars. they ridicule me.

An appointment with the devil at the crossroads.
Soft glow of the moon illuminating my exhaustion exhaled. Shards of cruel intention scattered at my feet, flicker.
He slides up behind me, his hands moving slowly over my hips. I quickly forget the rage, lulled. My need for explanation, dissipates.
Time ceases. The air dares not move.
Eyelids heavy with the nefarious honey on his lips; senses multiplied with every liquid gold suggestion that sweetly creeps down my neck.
Overwhelming repulsion stimulates and my need to be touched, deepens. He cradles my reasoning. Laughs at my projected weakness.
Clouds move in with the beating of wings. The sky turning black as crows gather amongst the trees to bear witness.
“Careful, little girl,” he whispers as a hand moves to my throat.
Still. Silent. His. Again.

“Your penmanship is stunning,” he sighs as hasty apologies scrawled on a napkin, fall from my fingertips.
Discourse melts into the cold, sordid pavement. Pure foolishness welcomes fortune's delivery.
My back against his chest, his hands move first to caress, massage.
His nails begin to dig, and rip. My flesh ignites, climax arrested as delicate strings of pain dance.
Heart beats force air from my lungs. His malicious laughter mocking obstinate desire.
Damn you. Damn me.

Pretension crumbling before him, I am slowly released.
He walks around to face me, bound lesson plan open in his hands.
Red marks and slashes bring me to quiet shame.
Comments in the margins mimic chastity; overt deceit teases with barbed tongue.
I couldn’t remember being present for half the instructions. Absence a defense moth ridden and stale.
A wicked smile spread across his face. He wasn’t buying the innocence. And he was right not to.
Oblivious nature to justify happenstance that is, yet is not. Hypocrisy, a sweet poison we share.
Down on my knees. Wrists again bound. Head hung, I seek reticent absolution.
As I look up into his eyes, he mouthes the words “repent” and tears of sorrow roll down my icy cheeks.
I cannot.

The bright lights of a city on fire. Demons rise like smoke, as I watch it all burn to the ground.
A noose loosely placed around my neck. He makes his exit and once again, I am alone.

The stars.
They ridicule me.

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