hamsteak and eggs, one day, will ride again

I I wish you could swim
(so we could go to the Caribbean)

Like the dolphins
(cause last time, you tried that leap into the air thing and you looked more like a Marlin)

Like dolphins can swim
(or rather, you appeared to choke and almost die)

Though nothing

Will keep us together
(except superglue, and maybe duct tape)

We can beat them
(eggs and cream)

For ever and ever
(because we are super human)

Oh we can be heroes
(told you)

Just for one day
(and then they lock us up in the mental ward)

I I will be king
(cause I like crowns)

And you
(this is your part)

You will be queen
(cause you are a bitch who likes being waited on)

Though nothing will
(more lies)

Drive them away
(except your garlic breath)

We can beat them
(with clubs and sticks)

Just for one day
(or two if it is stimulating enough)

We can be heroes
(we can play like we are Fire Fighters)

Just for one day
(because we will probably get burned to death, we don’t know how to work the hose)

I I can remember
(my Alzheimer’s hasn’t set it yet)

(cause my ass hurt from sitting all day)

By the wall
(which was brick, cause I am in an alley pimping your ass on the street)

And the guns
(told you)

Shot above our heads
(because you weren’t careful with your teeth with that last ‘trick’)

And we kissed
(even though it smelled like garlic and sweaty balls)

As though nothing could fall
(except you, from grace)

And the shame
(yea, we got that covered)

Was on the other side
(because it was MY face that smelled like balls, not yours)

Oh we can beat them
(with a wisk and maybe a blender)

For ever and ever
(or until we die)

Then we can be heroes
(maybe we will wait with a lifesaving device for when someone jumps off the Brooklyn Bridge)

Just for one day
(or two if you have more cash for this hotel)

We could be heroes

We could be heroes
(I doubt it)

We could be heroes
(probably not)

We could be heroes just one day

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  1. Your my Hero and not the kind you eat......Love you hamsteak