Kid B: Can we stop at (pharmacy); I need to get tampons.

Me: Sure.

Kid A: Can I get some gum?

Me: Sure. But you have to go in together and get some paper towels too. I'll wait in the car.

Kid A/B: Ok.

(ATM card surrendered: 15 minutes later byproducts emerge)

Me: What's that?

Kid A: Gum! 60 pieces!

Me: Wait. Where's your bag? Did you get tampons? Where are the paper towels? You only bought gum?! Are you kidding me, go back in!

Kid B: There was a hot guy in there!

Me: Go back in!

Kid A/B: We can't!

Me: Wait until he leaves then buy the damn tampons!

Kid A/B: He's the cashier!


Kid A: He looks like Kurt Cobain. We can't buy tampons from Kurt Cobain.

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