filthy animals.

Vincent: Want babies?
Jules: No man, I don't like babies.
Vincent: Are you female?
Jules: Yea, I’m female, I just don't dig on babies, that's all.
Vincent: Why not?
Jules: Babies are filthy animals. I don't like filthy animals.
Vincent: Babies are cuuuute. Little kids are cuuuuute.
Jules: Hey, babies may look like golden sunshine, but I'd never know 'cause I wouldn't handle the filthy motherfucker. Babies sleep and hang out in shit. That's a filthy animal. I ain’t touchin’ nothin' that ain't got enough sense enough to disregard its own feces.
Vincent: How about puppies? Puppies don’t sleep in their own feces.
Jules: I don't like puppies either.
Vincent: Yeah, but do you consider a puppy to be a filthy animal?
Jules: I wouldn't go so far as to call a puppy filthy but they're definitely dirty. But, a puppy's got personality. Personality goes a long way.
Vincent: Ah, so by that rationale, if a baby had a better personality, he would cease to be a filthy animal. Is that true?
Jules: Well we'd have to be talkin' about one charmin' motherfuckin' baby. I mean he'd have to be ten times more charmin' than that Michelle on Full House, you know what I'm sayin'?

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