todays word is WHATTHEFUCKEVER.

I make you believe I'm a sucker so that when I spit it is more impactful.

Given the right setting, I can be convinced to pretty much do anything; even fuck a corpse. I think. Well, let's just say, I will allow for the possibility of such a scenario taking place, in some other worldly dimension. I am in no way a necrophiliac I am just saying that there may come a time when I am hanging out with a corpse and my girly parts get tingly and maybe the corpse is dressed like a clown and so, I think, wow, I have never fucked a clown before, so I fuck the clown and ALSO the corpse. Its kinda like I got tricked into it, you could say. You COULD say that, you know.

Jaw Breakers should just break your jaw. Then you wouldn't fuck around thinking you're a badass eating them, would you.

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