To the question: Would you like to meet the band? The answer is always: No.

I do not understand obsessions with celebrities. When I hear that one has passed away, I think... uh, never mind, I don't think actually; I don't care. But someone, somewhere, absofreakinglutely does; we worship the God of Television. There is discussion. There is mourning. Retrospectives. Hour long Specials with other famous friends sharing intimate details of a life tragically lost. Live coverage of saddened candlelight vigils and endless amounts of flower bouquets and cards declaring "We Will Miss You" even though "we" never knew you at all.
There is no identifying with anyone famous for whatsoever reason going on here. Why? Come on, one doesn't really know a person from what is seen on TV/screen, heard on the radio, read in newspapers/magazines. If they are roaming about the city and I happen to notice them (which I wouldn't, I am a very oblivious wanderer) or bump into them (in which case I would apologize and move forward quickly, just like if I tripped over a homeless man), who cares. Do I need an autograph or picture? No. Do I need to tell them how great they were in Sequel Movie 3 or how awesome I think their music is? No. I have far less in common with any random famous person than I do the average stranger. For me, having a conversation with 99.9% of the population is laborious, so unless someone famous (or infamous for that matter) decides to personally impact my life (as I would not try to impact theirs, I am sort of a private kinda girl, keep to myself, nothing to see here), I have no emotional tie, therefore it is far more tragic that I burned my toast or can't find the keys to my car.
People die. Every day.
And you know what, I don't care about them either.

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