so money.

Who's the big winner today?

Almost finished with two multi media projects I have been plugging away at this month. One involves corks. Three times now I have had to beg for corks after running out and then running out again. Tonight, I am applying the last batch procured and am hoping beyond all hope there are enough to finish out. Who knew I didn't drink ENOUGH.

My hairdresser supreme emailed last night and wants to trade out some design work for some sultry mane fabulousness. The glory of being a freelance designer is the bartering I am sometimes able to do. And product packaging? Are you kidding me? My design on YOUR product? Sweet. SWEET.

I had a meeting on Tuesday afternoon with a key decision maker for a new outdoor festival. Not only was she impressed with the pieces I provided her but she is anxious to give me more projects with which to work magic. It means a lot to bring this kind of business to the company right now. There are so many elements she wanted included. I feel like I kept the designs clean, despite the amount of ingredients in the kitchen.

Who's the big winner today?
This girl is.

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