Is This Really Necessary.

Being honest with yourself is hard.
A friend once told me to never write about real life.
I suppose this is good advice.
Eventually I may be brought up on charges.
Or I will disappear and someone will be sad I went away.

I wasn't supposed to reveal my earlier post, which was written more than a week ago. Well. I was advised not to.
Reading back over it, I still feel the same: it is honest.
So I decided for the purposes of history forever on the verge of being erased, it is necessary.

And now for something completely different...

I am officially embarking on the seas of a new mantra. Previous mantras have included the very popular, "NMFP (Not My Fucking Problem)", "Who Has it Worse" and "The Silver Lining". From now on I shall ask/state - Is This Really Necessary? That hat, that law, that attitude, that dog, that extra piece of cheese, that prescription, that mountain, that molehill, that crucifixion.
Is This Really Necessary.
I like it. Very eco. Minimal.

Speaking of venturing, I decided to conduct some personal research into the demographic groups that play Mafia and Vampire Wars. Unfortunately, I am working through a 2 day suspension of privileges set back for having added too many friends at one time on Facebook. Who knew. Detachment and social mutation as it relates to online communities and communication. I find interaction through filter-less means fascinating. Also grotesque.

Other items on my list for the next 4 years (in order):
Online Citywide Scavenger Hunt (in the works).
T-Shirts (four distinct lines created currently).
Personal Art Show (2 completed pieces, 2 nearing completion, and 5 more sketched out).
Finishing School (enrolled for summer 2011).
Taxidermy (staring at dead shit on the side of the road, wondering how psychotic I would appear, harvesting it after midnight).
Fucking Fish Paintings (I still hate you, fish of the world, but will eventually profit off you so, fuck off again, I win).

Maybe tomorrow I will make a bigger list.
Or not. It may be unnecessary.

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