not even hollandaise can't make this Benedict appetizing

Pope decries 'aversion' to Christian Faith
Oh reeeeeeeeally. Hm. Couldn't possibly have anything to do with the fact that the leader of all things Catholic looks like the living dead. The Press Office for the Holy See needs to get the man a mask (or some cover-up, geez) and teach him some Showtunes. Balloon animals. Puppet Show.
Are you telling me no one in the Vatican has a background in Media Relations?

Pope, frankly, you are frightening the children.
And that is in addition to you're Army of "Above the Law" Pedophiles wreaking continued havoc upon future generations of adults whom you will (prayer hands) "sympathize" with, yet offer no comfort in the form of accountability for your own clergy's sick actions.
At the bare minimum, resignations are in order for Ireland (and all over the world), even though "burning at the stake" seems a bit more appropriate to me. Yet: Nothing. Is. Ever. Done.
These repetitive meetings, continued discussions and honest to goodness heart felt Christ-like sympathetic statements issued to the media, will only further us all from the atrocities that have taken place and dull our sense of justice for the ever growing number of victims until it can be, once again, swept right under the rug.
No resolution. No restructuring. No reparations.
And your hole just gets deeper and deeper.
Vatican bank charged with money laundering.

You caaaaaaaan't be serious.

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