destroy them for the love of lava

The pounding in my head is raging like ten Kilauea's. Sometimes when you search and search and search and then FIND something... the end result is a headache.
SOMETIMES. This would be one of those times.

Last year, I discovered (or forcibly recovered, from an aging laptop, in its last minutes of life, gasps filling a silent and heavy hung room of one crying individual "you were my first and I fondled only you, so precious, for those budding years we shared poolside") a shit ton of archived idiots-r-us comics and in general nonsense created. This girl figures it might be time to give all the little foster children a home once again. Aw. And lookie there, your spine straightened up just fine, didn't it?
Pear and Pomegranate surely have at least 10 more calls between them before AT&T cuts their service off. Cell phone plans developed by crack smoking badgers.
"Thank you for calling AT&T, we sort of value your business but truthiness-like... not so much Sucker-D since we are the exclusive provider of service for your iPhone; fuck you Apple consumer! Working hard to adjust minute usage tiers exponentially - ALL WHILE YOU ARE ON HOLD! Ask one of our complacent lobotomized representatives about how to loose your current stock of rollover minutes by adjusting ANY portion of your plan AND how our business development team is creatively pursuing more ways to rape you in the near future!"
*Actual hold time message for customer service, swear to fucking gawd.

"You're so cute when you're frustrated, dear, yeah you're so cute when you're sedated, dear."
Interpol will save me.

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