I try very hard every day to be me x's 20 v8.2 ©2010

01. Making plans with friends and then bailing out.
02. Denying my creative side as a means to feed a nonexistent psychosis.
03. Redefining rules I have set no more than 24 hours prior.
04. Justifying standards of behavior when I get bored of redefining rules.
05. Creative excuse making.
06. Imagining hordes of animals devouring humans and what their gang names might be. Imitating said animals.
07. Developing purposeless lists.
08. Editing/Formatting life.
09. Contributing to the world's gorgeousness quotient; to make the point 'ending a list early rather than adding a tenth point', rather than throw off the look of the entire list when the margin gets all jacked up by the addition of an extra number, even though I could have started this list off by typing 01 solving that entire fucking problem (which you NOW know I edited AS/AFTER point number 9 was made, albeit unofficially, because I really had assumed I would end there, ta da).
10. Fabricating, cheating, forgetting, being distracted or distracting - depending on location and level of mania, I suppose.
15. Skipping.
15. Repeating.
16. Being annoying to others for my my my, personal amusement.
17. Poking dead things with sticks.
18. Exclaiming for the benefit of "x" which requires no real exclamation (or point!).
19. Melting faces.
20. Assembling tiny meaningless memories into a larger mosaic I consider my true peace and happiness.

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