good try ranger rabbit

There should be a small feather pillow at the bottom of a vending machines drop bin so when I buy some nice looking crackers they do not become flavorful breadcrumbs upon receipt of goods. That trip down and sealthedeal bounce is tragic.

My eating habits have taken a trash dive in the last few days. Yesterdays intake consisted of Starbucks Venti White Mocha, Mountain Dew, Swiss Cake Rolls and Beef Jerky (labeled "sad misconstrued breakfast"), 1/2 a cheesesteak, Pulled pork and Cream cheese stuffed jalapeƱos wrapped in bacon. Cream cheese stuffed jalapeƱos wrapped in bacon are beyond orgasmic, I might add.

There are wood planks at work that I need to break down and reassemble for a piece of art I am working (or not working) on. Finally got around to cutting the foam core I need after it sat on the production floor for weeks. Newspaper and magazine gathering has reached a standstill.
Score: Time Management Problem.
"Rebuilding the Future with Yesterdays Procrastination"

I think it might be high time I stop being so lazy.
Or distracted by shiny objects.
Or, uh. Hm. Platypi.
Fuck finishing this thought.
It's Mike and Ike time.

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