I am in good company.

Captain: When is Easter?
Captain: Is it this month?
Tennille: 24th.
Tennille: Don't you celebrate Jesus in some fashion?
Captain: Nope.
Captain: Never.
Tennille: Me either.
Tennille: But I like eggs and bunnies.
Captain: Well, we give Christmas gifts
Captain: but that for gifts, not Jesus.
Tennille: Jesus doesn't want your gifts any way.
Tennille: Today someone I know said Jesus was thinking about me when he was on the cross dying for my sins
Tennille: and I thought
Tennille: I don't think so
Tennille: probably he was thinking "this hurts"
Tennille: I didn't say that though.
Captain: or "This is going to be the best Punk'd, EVER!"
Captain: or "Maybe flipping that table was too much?"
Captain: or "I should have taken advantages of those 'benefits' Mary M. mentioned."
Tennille: "I should have gone on vacation, dang."
Captain: "Did I leave my iron on?"
Captain: "Great. Now I have to pee."
Tennille: "Don't they have thorn less varieties here, geez."
Captain: "I should have accessorized more."
Tennille: "I am not going to get back home in time to let the dog out, DAMN IT."
Captain: "CELEBRATE! I said CeLebRate!"
Tennille: "Great. Now my back itches."
Captain: "That guard is hot. Would it be weird if I... aw, what the hell."
Tennille: "I am never going to get these stains out."

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