acknowledge puppets and AIDS

Bonnie: if i die will you make sure someone hires a puppeteer for my wake or funeral or whatever.
Bonnie: whatever one does once i am dead.
Clyde: i wont be able to get out of bed.
Bonnie: you had better.
Bonnie: i am putting you in charge of PUPPETS.
Bonnie: you had better get the fuck out of bed and get my puppeteer there.
Clyde: like Being John Malkovich?
Bonnie: i dont care if you employ 4th graders with socks on their hands. just make sure someone is there with puppets, reenacting how i died and maybe a few parts of my life or something.
Bonnie: Do we have an understanding?
Clyde: like the gang bang in high school.
Bonnie: thats cool.
Bonnie: i was not gang banged in high school but take creative liberties, please.
Bonnie: have me finding some treasure or something too.
Bonnie: also, tell everyone i had AIDS no matter how i died.
Bonnie: just end everything with, "well you know she had AIDS".
Clyde: do you know what the russian acronym for AIDS is?
Bonnie: no.
Clyde: SPID.
Clyde: pronounced SPEED.
Bonnie: nice.
Clyde: they dont fuck around.
Bonnie: you have not acknowledged puppets and AIDS.
Bonnie: acknowledge puppets and AIDS.
Bonnie: or there is no reason for our continued verbal banter today.
Bonnie: acknowledge puppets and AIDS!!
Bonnie: NOW!!
Clyde: Puppets and AIDS.
Bonnie: thank you.
Clyde: do the puppets have AIDS?
Bonnie: they could.
Bonnie: tell them i have had it since birth.
Clyde: now you are just being fucking vain.
Clyde: you cant hide the fact that you were born before AIDS.
Bonnie: stfu.
Clyde: that's just wrong.
Bonnie: so.
Clyde: it would ruin the artistic integrity of the puppet show to imply you were somehow born after '83.
Bonnie: i am dead. what do you people care. i want a goddamn puppet show about my whole life with AIDS + how i died tragically not of AIDS.
Bonnie: i do not think this is a lot to ask.
Bonnie: also, maybe we should finally tell people i am kenyan.

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  1. sick.sick.sick. I effing love the bunny (Bunny puppet)