Nightmare Fuel. Writing. October 5.

Sara won't you play with me
Darkness falls, you hear my plea
Wander close into the street
Blades so sharp, I'll slice your feet

I want your little toes to keep
Hush my child, don't make a peep
Drag you screaming to my shed
Lay you down upon my bed

Sara came to play with me
Moonlit sparkle I do see

Your eyes will twinkle as my own
Gouging deep while scraping bone
Your cries are ringing in the air
My fingernails, you are aware

Tearing flesh from off your arms
Fright will surely bring more harm
My giggles shrill into a song
The cuts I'm making very long

Sara pleads, don't play with me
But bloodshed's sure to set me free

The axe is swung so very high
Landing hard below your thigh
Smooth white legs I chop to bits
Hurry now before you quit

One more cut into your belly
Hand slide in to gooey jelly
Your insides do feel warm tonight
Beating heart will bring delight

Fingers closed around it firm
Ripping now, you cease to squirm
Hold it close, I feel you near
My love for you, so very dear

Sara you will always be
Floating on the reddened sea

Soul adrift a wondrous flight
The pain I wrought with all my might
My gift to you this deadly night
Darkened streets do always bite

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